Microtemplate features

Ready to go TYPO3 CMS template, covering the basic two level web page features.


Template works on mobiles, tablets and desktops. There's no CSS or JS frameworks used except jQuery.


Advancedtitle and Favicon extension gives control over page title & favicon. Template is easy to connect to GoogleAnalytics and Search Console.

Sections & menus

Just add new page section container in back end and fill it up with content. Title of the section will appear as a main menu item. Section title can be excluded from the menu and sections can have different parameters set, such as: background color, padding, custom classes etc. Each section can have background image and it can be cropped, aligned and blurred using server side image manipulation. There's background video option as well.

No sliders or carousels

Nop, it's not added and won't be. Time to let go. Think through your content and prsent it in a way it's actually usable.


We have created the popular Youtubevideo extension to gain full control over YouTube videos – custom cover image and cover text besides other video parameters.


News section on this page shows one possible way to use page lists. It's flexible and easy to configure content element for teasers, article lists product sections etc. Find Pagelist in TYPO3 extension repository. Event and article type sub pages have specially created headers and footers. Events have iCal support.


One more extension continuously maintained by Brightside is Personnel. It shows contact lists with image, name, contact info, etc, and provides vCard download. Comes with couple of good predesigned layouts and connects to Pagelist extension for author records.

Lightbox like sub pages

Sub pages are real pages but look like content in a lightbox. It gives far greater dynamics for content and template editing compared to a real lightbox. It works better on mobile devices and makes content sharing easier.

Speedy & lightweigh

Clean template with jQuery included is around 40 kB. No CSS frameworks used. Don't forget to optimize your TYPO3 installation and maintain it continiously!