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Power of TYPO3
in a Friendly Package

about Microtemplate

Microtemplate features

Microtemplate is a ready to go TYPO3 template. Easy enough to set it up yourself.
Or it can be a website as a service...


Well designed content elements and extensions cover: text, videos, galleries, news, events, persons and forms. All come with styles that fit right in.


Section containers come with video & image backgrounds, automatic menu construction and much more. Besides just neatly structured grids there's a lot to get creative with.

Did you notice there is no GDPR-Cookie-Spookie popup?
As long as you'r server is compatible you are safe to go without one.

🌓h, and there's a dark side – but only if you have the mode set on your device.

YouTube & Vimeo

Youtubevideo & Vimeovideo extensions integrates videos in a GDPR friendly way – no intrucive popups on page load but just consent after clicking 'play'. Set custom cover images, titles, and descriptions, and create a fully paginated galleries.

Video käivitamisel laetakse väline meedia ja YouTube saadab teile küpsiseid!

Video käivitamisel laetakse väline meedia ja Vimeo võib saata teile küpsiseid!


Gallerycontent extension is a breeze to create content with. Make it look good with the selection of predefined crop ratios and have a full control over titles and descriptions. Pagination and touch friendly lightbox are included.

News & Events

Pagelist extension introduces four new page types: articles, events, products, and vacancies. So creating different types of articles is as easy and dynamic as creating a page.


Personnell extension is a tool for creating contacts with vCard download. Besides it connects to Pagelist to use personnel records as authors, contact persons etc.

Tsai Ing-wen

Tsai Ing-wen

7th President of Taiwan

example@domain.com vCard

Barack Obama

Barack Obama

[Translate to Estonian:] 44th U.S. President

example@domain.com vCard

Lennart Meri

Lennart Meri

[Translate to Estonian:] 2nd President of Estonia

example@domain.com vCard

Get Microtemplate

Website as a Service

Fully maintained package with everything prebuilt. Full LTS maintenance in a yearly package and no cost on the template development.


Do it Yourself

Use 'composer req t3brightside/microtemplate' or get it from TYPO3 repo. Help yourself with the documentation to get going.

GitHub TER

Send a message

Drop us a message if you'd like custom setup or a hosted package of the Microtemplate. Bugs, feature requests and such, it all happens in GitHub.

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